Cosmic Lottery


What is Pinkcoin?

The world's most advanced blockchain based charity platform.

Pinkcoin's new platform is revolutionizing the process of being charitable. Not only does our unique software allow you to earn interest simply by running a wallet, but it also allows you to automatically donate any portion of this interest to any charity at zero cost to you.

What is Pinkcointips?

Pinkcointips is a tipping bot that allows people to transfer Pinkcoin between Twitter accounts.

WAR! / Challenge!


Each game is played with 6 decks. The suit is irrelevant and the cards are ranked from 2 (the lowest) to ACE (the highest).

After a player has initiated a challenge and it has been accepted, both players are each dealt a card.

The player with the higher card wins the equivalent of their initial wager.

If both cards are equal, both players enter into a WAR/CHALLENGE!. The challenger is forced to play on with another wager equivalent to the first. The player that was challenged has two options: First, they can surrender and get half their initial bet back, or they can go to WAR by matching the intial wager.

Pinkcointips will burn 3 cards before distributing one more to each player. This will continue until a player wins.


To challenge another player and play as the dealer:

@pinkcointips war @Pinkcoin_


@pinkcointips challenge @Pinkcoin_

Example: @pinkcointips challenge @Pinkcoin_